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Who we are

We are a group of professionals who have worked in various roles at large corporations for over 20 years. Throughout the years we have designed, developed and implemented many software projects, including multiple transactional and reporting solutions. We're good at understanding your requirements and ideas, and converting them into fully functional software solutions to benefit you and your organisation.

What we do

Are off-the-shelf software packages not completely satisfying your requirements? Is purchasing multiple licenses for your employees expensive? Have you ever thought about having tailored software but found the process unfeasible?

Thorough evaluation of requirements

You know best what you need and what you want, that's why we acknowledge the importance of thorough requirements gathering.

Tailored Software

You need solutions that work efficiently and effectively, which is why we create software that meets your requirements. We don't want to develop software that is not being used; we endeavour to develop solutions that you enjoy using and add value to your business.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Your requirements may change in the future, prompting the need for design changes. We love our code and value you as our customer, so we'll continue enhancing it as required.

Cost effective

Your profitability is important and we enjoy what we do. That's why we provide cost effective solutions that check all your boxes.

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